Our Story


In April of 2022 we celebrated our 40th year of operation. As we look back at so many memories of our lengthy voyage, that for which we will always be most grateful is the hundreds of generous donors and countless loyal customers who together have made it possible for us to grant several million dollars to local charities through The Outreach Ministry of St John’s Episcopal Church located at 500 Park Shore Drive.


To generate and provide funds to The Outreach Ministry of St John’s Episcopal Church which in turn awards substantial financial grants to several local charities.
For the love of Christ to guide lasting friendships between charities, volunteers, donors and customers.


To provide a source for donors of high quality like new merchandise to liquidate items with the knowledge that the proceeds will benefit the less fortunate and for customers to acquire needed high quality items at a substantial savings, tax free and with the knowledge that all net proceeds benefit local charities.


A Board of Director’s serves as an oversight committee to support the team and assist in day to day operations when needed. The team consists of more than 30 dedicated and devoted personnel most of whom provide their time and efforts on a voluntary basis. The team is headed by a manager and assistant manager who together oversee day to day operations that span from generating sales to selecting acceptable donations and arranging to receive donated items as well merchandising the shoppe and handling all administrative aspects of operations.

Together we are a large devoted family all working together toward the same mutual goal. We’d love to have you join the family!


Our most valuable assets!

Our devoted volunteers are without a doubt, the pillars that support every aspect of our operations. They staff the shoppe 6 days of every week and it is the generosity of their donated time that provides much of the proceeds that are passed on to charities. They along with our donors are the most critical components of our success.

Many believe that one must be a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church to volunteer at the shoppe, that is not accurate, we accept and appreciate all willing to volunteer from all faiths.

We’d love to add you to the roster so feel free to stop in, call or email us at stjohnsthriftshoppe@gmail.com.

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